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Regardless whether you pick up our fermented foods and drinks in person, or whether you purchase them through our online store, the vast majority of the should be stored in the refrigerator.

The only exceptions to this rule are our Vinegars and Oxymels.

Fermented Vegetables

1. Storage.


Inside the refrigerator. The optimum temperature is 5-6 degrees Celsius, and below.

It is a living product and the fermentation process still goes on, but at a much slower pace.

2. Expiration date.

The expiration date is listed on the back of the jar.

It is usually 4 months from the time the vegetable jar is filled.

On the picture below, you can see two different dates.

The upper one (09.2022) is the date when this Kimchi jar was filled.

The lower one (28.02.2023) is the actual expiration date.

Additional info.jpg

3. When the expiration date expires.


Are our fermented vegetables still safe after the expiration date?

If the jar is kept refrigerated and it is unopened, it it still safe!

Our fermented vegetables do not go bad, when properly stored.

They can stay almost unchanged for up to a year inside refrigerator.

But to be 100% safe, check them first, before consuming.

The colors should still be vibrant, no mold should be visible on top and the smell should still be pleasant. It should also be tasty, just maybe a bit more sour.

4. When the jar is open.

When you open the jar, we recommend that you should finish it's contents within two weeks. It will not go bad if it stays longer that that, especially in a colder refrigerator.


What can happen though, is the formation of a white layer of Kahm yeast.

It is a natural process and this yeast is air-borne, so the more times you open the jar, the more chances of this harmless yeast developing and growing on top of your vegetables.

If Kahm yeast forms on top of your vegetables, you can remove the top layer of the vegetables, and the rest should be safe to eat.

Just be 100% that it is Kahm yeast, and not mold.

If mold forms on top, then you should throw away the contents of the jar.

The lower the temperature, the less chances of anything forming on top of the vegetables.

Also, always use clean utensils to take the vegetables out of the jar.

Milk products

We offer three different fermented milk products: Kefir, Kefir Cheese and Whey

Additional info2.jpg

1. Milk Kefir

We make Milk Kefir fresh every day and we recommend to consume it within 3 days from the day of the purchase.

After 3 days it starts separating, and it becomes more sour. It is still good after a week. If it sits longer than that, it does not go bad, it just becomes very sour, to the point that it is no longer enjoyable.

2. Kefir Cheese

Just like Milk Kefir, we make it fresh every day and it is at its best, when consumed within a week. After that, it becomes very yeasty and very sour, and it does not taste as good as a freshly made one.

Also, be careful when opening it as this cheese is very active and after couple of days there will be a lot of pressure built inside the jar.

This cheese will try to escape the jar, so when you open it, just stir it with a spoon, and it'll be back to normal.

3. Whey

Fermented Whey is actually quite stable. It can sit inside the refrigerator for a least a month.

But it'll be at its best, when consumed quite fresh.

Other fermented drinks

Other fermented drinks that we offer are the following:

Water Kefir, Seasonal Soda, Red Beet Kwass


Juices from Fermented Vegetables

Additional info3.jpg

1. Water Kefir

It is best when consumed within four months from the day of purchase.

If it stays longer than that, it will not go bad. It just might not be too enjoyable, as the residual sugar might be gone and it will be very dry.

When opened, please consume within three days.

2. Seasonal Soda (Brause)

Just like Water Kefir, our Soda tastes best when consumed within the four months from the date of purchase. After that, all the residual sugar might be gone and the Soda will not taste good.

Please be careful, when opening the bottle. The natural carbonation builds up inside and it can be quite intensive after longer sitting.

When opened, please consume within three days.

3. Red Beet Kwass

The expiration date, on the back of the bottle is 4 months from the day of filling. Kwass, when unopened and when stored properly inside the fridge, will be equally delicious months later. Even up to a year.

When opened, please consume within a week.

4. Juices from Fermented Vegetables

Our juices have the expiration date of four months. When unopened, they can sit inside the fridge for up to one year.

When opened, please consume within a week.

Vinegar and Oxymel

All of our Vinegars and Oxymels are very stable. They do not require refrigeration and they can sit for a minimum of one year. 

Usually much longer.

For our Bärbucha Kombucha additional information, please click below

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