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Aktualisiert: 22. Dez 2019

Time for one of our oldest ferments - Superkraut.

Why Superkraut? Because a simple Sauerkraut can be a bit boring, but a jazzed up version will give you more fermented veggies - hence more vitamins, organic acids & enzymes.

But all those goodies develop only after a proper & lengthy fermentation.

So we start with these beautiful veggies:

The Savoy cabbage, carrots, cauliflower & peppers are washed & cut;

Then they get mixed up & rubbed with unrefined Grey Salt:

Then heavy stones go on top of them & they stay covered overnight, so that the juices come out of the veggies & they become wilted. So the next day they look like that:

Next step is the addition of pureed onions & garlic, mixed with a fermented juice from previous fermentation. At this point tonnes of beneficial, probiotic, live bacteria are added to the mixture. That speeds up the fermentation process & also secures these veggies from unwanted microbes. The most notable bacteria that are added are from the Lactobacillus genus (the lactic acid bacteria) along with live enzymes & organic acids. The garlic & onion serve as their food, but they also contribute flavor to our Superkraut.

When that is mixed in, then most of this mixture goes into fermentation crocks.

A portion of it will also go into our special Fermentation Glass Jars. These serve the purpose of showcase pieces so that people can see how the fermentation process progresses

As with the other veggie ferments, we let our Superkraut ferment for 2-3 months.

When the time comes, we label our retail jars & transfer the Kraut into the jars.

And here's the final product:

After fermenting for all this time, the Superkraut reaches its full potential & is loaded with bacteria, vitamins (especially C), beneficial enzymes, organic acids & more.

All those nutrients are now bio-available & the veggies are very easy on the stomach & they were pre-digested by the lactic acid bacteria. When in original liquid, our Superkraut can stay over one year without getting spoiled. It only becomes more delicious!

So you can enjoy it either as a side dish

Or you can get creative & you can enjoy it mixed in a salad, like this one below, with Roasted Beets, Pistachios, Avocado & Brown Chickpeas:

Or this simple one with Arugula, Roasted Broccoli, Buckwheat, Tomatoes & Crispy Fried Potatoes:

Or any other way that you can think of!

Here's a close up of our retail jar & the label

Ingredients: Savoy Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrots, Red peppers, Starter Liquid, Onions, Grey Atlantic Salt & Garlic

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