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Necessity is the mother of invention. For that reason, when we were unable to find the good quality Korean pepper flakes called Gochugaru, we came up with a solution.

A fermented chili paste that replaces the chili flakes but also introduces the much needed & beneficial probiotics.

So the idea is quite easy, we use fresh hot peppers

Plus some ginger, onions & garlic

We clean them & chopped them up

And mix them with some sweet bell peppers & salt. Then the whole mixture gets pureed with some Kimchi juices from the previous fermentation & then the whole mixture goes into jars

This is just one of those jars, which has served as a showcase jar. After the Kimchi paste is in jars, it undergoes a fermentation in room temperature

After couple of days it starts seperating

Sometimes it gets too excited & wants to run out of the jar. So then we have a mess

Bu then eventually everything calms down & all we have to do is to "burp" the jar every couple of days. Eventually, our paste is ready

Like this particular one that was started on Nov 27, 2017 & we moved it into our fridge on Feb 11th, 2018. It still keeps on fermenting in the fridge, so we still have to watch out for it. But now it is ready for our next batch of Kimchi. We are also thinking about selling it in jars. But for sure, it'll be a part of out next fermentation workshop about Kimchi.

Ingredients: Sweet & Hot Peppers, Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Unrefined Sea Salt & Kimchi Juice

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