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Lacto-fermented Beets - Bärbucha Fermenterei

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Lacto-fermented Beets are one of those vegetables that many people love in this country (Germany). They way we make them, makes them a good choice for those who want to start with fermented foods. They are mild & quite versatile.

Whenever we can, we use an heirloom variety to make them. We find that variety to be more delicious than just the regular beets.

Those we slice very thin with our food processor.

And then, we load up our jars. As seasoning, we use fresh dill, onions & garlic.

And when those glass jars are full, the beets undergo the fermentation process for at least two months. It takes that long for them to soften up.

So as you can see, this process is very similar to our Red Beet Kvass production.

As a matter of fact, we started with the Kwass first & we had customers always ask about the beets, so we started making them extra, as everybody loved them this way.

After, they are done.

They are ready for our retail jars.

And ready for you to take them home!

You can enjoy our Fermented Beets as a side dish.

Or in a salad, like this one with Potatoes, Chickpeas & Fresh Horseradish:

Below is our retail label!

To find out more about our Red Beet Kvass, please click here: Red Beet Kwass


Red Beets, Filtered & Revitalized Water, Unrefined Sea Salt, Dill, Onions & Garlic

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