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One of my favorites - lacto-fermented hot peppers. The season starts with Jalapeños & that is usually around mid May. That's when those beauties show up.

This recipe is inspired by how some hot pepper pickles are made in India. It is a very simple recipe, but the results are so delicious, that I also use it to make other fermented hot peppers.

We start with these beauties:

They get washed first & then we score their tips.

And the reason for that is so that the brine can get inside quicker.

Next, we stuff the peppers inside the glass jars:

Next come sliced onions, chopped garlic & finely chopped Preserved Lemons:

Lemons give the peppers a wonderful, refreshing flavor.

Then we add the salt (as always it's the unrefined Atlantic sea salt) & then some popped brown mustard seeds.

Finally, we add cold, filtered & revitalized water & some stones to keep the peppers submerged in the brine

. And we close our jars & now all they need is time:

Here's a great shot how they change with time. One jar is still from May & the second is from September.

When the time is right, they go into our retail jars & are ready for take out.

And an artsy shot of one of the 3 month old Jalapeños

Ingredients: Jalapeños, Filtered & Revitalized Water, Unrefined Sea Salt, Preserved Lemons, Onions, Brown Mustard Seeds & Garlic

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