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Fermented Jalapeños - Bärbucha Fermenterei

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One of our favorites - lacto-fermented Jalapeño peppers.

Their season starts usually around mid May. That's when those beauties show up.:

This recipe is inspired by how some hot pepper pickles are made in India. Although it is a very simple recipe, the results are so delicious, that I also use it to make other fermented hot peppers.

Making a 30 kg recipe requires a lot of slicing, but it's well worth it!

Next, comes the unrefined sea salt & we let the peppers sit overnight.

Next day, we add sliced onions, chopped garlic, popped brown mustard seeds & finely chopped Preserved Lemons.

After mixing, our peppers get transferred into the glass fermentation jars.

In those jars they spend a minimum of one to two months.

And then we transfer them into our retail jars.

Below is the retail label.

Ingredients: Jalapeños, Filtered & Revitalized Water, Onions, Unrefined Sea Salt, Preserved Lemons, Brown Mustard Seeds & Garlic

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