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Bärbucha – Kombucha Café & Fermenterei / English

Aktualisiert: 7. Mai 2023

Below, you will find a more detailed description about our place.

Bärbucha – Kombucha Café & Fermenterei
Bärbucha – Kombucha Café & Fermenterei

Bärbucha - Kombucha Café & Fermenterei (Fermentery) is the first place of this kind in Germany.

A place that combines a Kombucha Café and a Fermentery.

 Kombucha Café anf Fermentery

We have named it after our Bärbucha Kombucha - Berlin's first unfiltered, boutique, raw Kombucha.

Kombucha plays a central role in our place. That is why we have 20+ varieties of our Bärbucha Kombucha always on hand.

Our Kombucha can be purchased for take out, or can be enjoyed at our Café by the bottle or in the form of Kombucha flights.

Kombucha Flights at Café Bärbucha

In addition to Kombucha, we carry all the supplies needed for Kombucha Home Brewing, including a Kombucha set, glass jars, glass bottles, teas, Scobies (including Jun Scoby), and more.

We offer Kombucha Workshops for home brewers. Those are offered either in German, or in English language.

We run a Kombucha support Facebook group for those who attended our Workshops, and for those who have purchased our Kombucha sets, or the cultures.

For those who visit us and sit down to enjoy our Kombucha, we have a collection of books (30+) that relate to Kombucha, and also to some of the ingredients that we use in our Kombucha (like Chaga, Jiaogulan, Lapacho, etc)


The books are in German, English, Polish and Swedish. Some of those books are quite rare, as they were originally published in 1980s and 1990s.

Kombucha books at Café Bärbucha

From our Fermentery (Fermenterei) you can purchase many different types of lacto-fermented vegetables, as well as Pickles, Water and Milk Kefir, Fermented Soda, and Beet Kvass.

At present, we still offer the widest selection of those in Berlin. ​

If you have problems deciding which ones to purchase, or if you simply want to taste some of our Ferments, you can order our Ferment Dégustation Plate and choose 4 ferments from our wide selection.

Ferment Degustation Plate at Café Bärbucha

While you're sitting and enjoying our ferments and/or our Kombucha, you can see our beautiful Fermentation crocks and fermentation jars in action, as they are always filled with new batches of vegetables.

Various Fermented Vegetables at Café Bärbucha

Occasionally, you might even hear the fermentation bubbles escaping from those containers.

We also have juices from our fermented vegetables, available for pick up.

Juices from Fermented Vegetables at Café Bärbucha

Other fermented items that you will find in our place include: Oxymel, Apple Vinegar, Fermented Chili Sauce, Fermented Garlic, Fermented Whey, or freshly made Kefir Cheese.

For those who want to experiment at home, we have 4 different sets, as well as our famous Fermentation Jars.

Different Fermentation Sets at Café Bärbucha

Plus various cultures like Kombucha and Jun Scobies, Milk and Water Kefir grains and even Vinegar Mother.

We also offer Fermentation Workshops, both in German and in English.

And we have over 20 different books in our second library. Those books are strictly about vegetable fermentation and can be looked through while sipping on our Kombucha.

Books about fermentation at Café Bärbucha

So if you are interested in Kombucha, fermented vegetables or fermentation in general and if you live in Berlin, Germany, or if you are planning on visiting Berlin, you should definitely put us on your bucket list.

Just check our opening ours first, before you make any plans, as we are closed on all holidays and all Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mondays and Tuesdays are our production and delivery days.

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