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Cultured Butter - Bärbucha Fermenterei

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We have added one more milk-based fermented product to our selection.

Pictured above is a Cultured Butter (along with Sourdough bread).

Cultured Butter is a fermented form of butter (Fermentierte Butter in German).

In the pictures below, you will see the whole process of butter culturing and then how it is made. So, we start with heavy cream (a whipping cream to be exact).

It is Organic (BIO), just like the milk that we use for our Milk Kefir. This one is also not homogenized.

This cream has a fat content of minimum 32%.

We pour the cream into glass jars.

And we add some of our Milk Kefir. It will work as a starter culture.

Next we cover it and we let it sit for about 24 hours.

Once the cream thickens, it is a sign that it's been properly cultured.

Next, we whip it.

Till we get the butter curds.

Then we strain the buttermilk.

Once that's done, we season this butter with a special salt.

It is a pink salt from a salt mine in Poland called Kłodawa.

This salt contains a lot of micro elements and nutrients:

"Food rock salt from Kłodawa is the best salt for kitchen use.

It contains, in trace amounts, a number of natural micronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. The composition of micronutrients is similar to their content in the human body fluid. The bioelements included in the salt from Kłodawa create complexes of micronutrients, easily absorbed by the body.

Kłodawa salt contains natural elements such as: iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and iodine."

Once the salt has been added, the Cultured Butter is ready.

This jars contains a minimum of 200 gr of Cultured Butter.

And you can find it in our refrigerator, along with our other fermented milk products like Kefir Cheese, Milk Kefir and Fermented Whey.

And here is one of the ways how we enjoy this delicious butter.

As a by-product of our butter production, we also have a delicious Cultured Buttermilk, in limited supply. It comes in our 405 ml jars, just like our Milk Kefir.

So, if you want a jar, it is better to reserve it.

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