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Fermentierte Chili Sauce - Bärbucha Fermenterei

Aktualisiert: 5. Juni 2023

Some like it hot, and we definitely belong to that category.

Fermentierte Chili Sauce - Bärbucha Fermenterei
Fermentierte Chili Sauce - Bärbucha Fermenterei

Finding a good hot sauce, here in Germany, is not that easy. Most of them are vinegar based, and quite a few of them contain preservatives.

Finding one that is fermented is even harder. So again, we started making our own.

Hot peppers can change in our simple recipe, and sometimes when we can get our hands on nice red Jalapeños, like the ones below, we use them.

Some other time, like right now, we use those long hot ones.

Both make a delicious sauce, so we are just happy when we can get our hands on any of them.

Our recipe for this delicious Hot Sauce is simple.

We cut the peppers into smaller pieces.

Next, we add sea salt, some onions and garlic.

And we let this mixture stay for few hours so that the juices come out of the peppers.

When that is finished, we put the whole mixture into our fermentation jars and we add some filtered water.

Next, you will see these jars spread out throughout our shelves, among other ferments.

There, they undergo the lacto-fermentation process that takes a minimum of one month. We like to keep them fermenting for 2-3 months.

During that process, their color will fade a bit and when the time is up, they are ready for further processing.

So, we blend together the entire content of the jar with the help of our Vitamix.

And that's how our Hot Sauce is created.

When done, it goes into glass storage containers.

Finally, when needed we fill our retail jars (212 ml) with it, and and they go into the fridge.

At this stage, our delicious Hot Sauce is ready for pick up.

Here, we have something quite simple, but very delicious and much more healthy than most of the commercial hot sauces available on the market.

Fermentierte Chili Sauce zum Kaufen

And finally, the label.

Fermentierte Chili Sauce Etikett

Ingredients: Hot Peppers, Water, Unrefined Sea Salt, Onion and Garlic

To purchase / zum Kaufen klicke bitte unten.

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