Ginger Beer - Bärbucha Fermenterei

Aktualisiert: Aug 5

It's summertime & it's hot. So we have decided to add one more refreshing & naturally fermented drink to our collection - the real Ginger Beer!

Ginger Beer comes in addition to our 21+ Kombucha varieties, as well as our Water Kefir & Fermented Soda. If you think that's way too much, then you have to taste this Ginger Beer.

We guarantee that you will change your mind.

One more reason why we've decided to carry it - we get some customers that are looking for Ginger Kombucha. And since we are purists as far as Kombucha goes, Ginger Beer is the very satisfying solution.

Ginger Beer, despite its name, is a nonalcoholic drink & it has its roots in the Caribbean.

It is made by using a starter culture called Ginger Bug, which is a mixture of fresh ginger, water & sugar, that has been fermented for a few days.

The fermentation process is started by the natural yeasts that are present on fresh ginger root.

As always, we use Organic ginger (to avoid pesticides) & Organic sugar for the same reason.

Water is obviously filtered.

So when you combine those three ingredients & let them stay for a few days, you will see bubbles on top of this mixture & it will smell & taste delicious.

Once fermented, it will be the starter culture for our Ginger Beer.

When the Ginger Bug is ready, we prepare the future Ginger Beer by cooking a mixture of ginger, water & sugar.

Once that cools down, we strain all the ginger.

Obviously we squeeze all the precious juices out.

The key is to use enough ginger to get a nice bite, but not to overpower the drink with too much ginger.

Next, we "inoculate" the Ginger Beer with the juice from our Ginger Bug.

But only the fermented liquid goes in.

Once well mixed in, the whole mixture goes into bottles.

Once, filled & closed, those bottles will stay outside for up to two days in order for the fermentation process to complete.

As a result, a nice natural carbonation build up inside the bottles. Then the bottles go into the fridge.

Nice & chilled, they will be awaiting your arrival.

Ginger in itself has a lot of health benefits, some of them are listed below in a nice pictorial from ReaseachGate

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Sugar, Ginger & Ginger Bug (Water, Sugar & Ginger)


Ginger Bug is also available for purchase (*)

150 ml

(*) applies only when we sell our Ginger Beer