Quince Vinegar - Bärbucha Fermenterei

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Our fourth and last vinegar for this year.

Made with gorgeous looking and smelling Quinces (Quitten auf Deutsch).

Quince is a "... deciduous tree that bears hard, aromatic bright golden-yellow pome fruit, similar in appearance to a pear. Ripe quince fruits are hard, tart, and astringent. They are seldom eaten raw, but are processed into marmalade, jam, paste (known as quince cheese) or alcoholic beverages." (Wikipedia)

And again, just like with our other vinegars, just three ingredients.

Self-picked Quinces from our friend's garden.

Those we cut into pieces.

And they go into our glass jars.

Once the jars are filled...

We add a decent amount of unrefined Organic (BIO) sugar. It is exactly the same sugar that we use to make our Bärbucha Kombucha.

It already looks delicious.

And finally, when all set, it is ready for the first part of fermentation. This is the so called "Anaerobic" fermentation, which means "without oxygen".

At this point our jars are closed (the cloth is for decoration only), and during this phase, natural yeasts that are present on fruits (Quinces in this case), break down our unrefined sugar and produce ethanol.

That ethanol will be converted into acetic acids in the following second fermentation.

But before that happens, it will take about a month for the ethanol build up.

After a month, all sugars are gone, and it is time to strain the fruit.

And here, you can see two jars.

The liquid in the strained jar looks different than the one with Quinces still in it. But that is because yeasts and some pulp got mixed back with the clear liquid. After a week or so, it will clarify again.

So, now it'll still be at least a month till we this liquid is turned into vinegar.

Please stay tuned for a follow up to this blog entry.

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