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2018 was a year of transformations for us. We limited the food selection at the beginning of the year & we started serving just two items - a sandwich (usually with something fermented) & a salad.

But that was not your usual salad. It was a salad that was built around one (sometimes two) of our lacto-fermented vegetables. It was an instant hit & the whole year became the Year of the Probiotic Salad. So each week we featured a different salad that was totally new & it never repeated throughout the entire year.

Comes 2019 & we moved another step closer to our final goals.

What that means is: we moved away from serving food in the form of meals. We also do not have Coffee any more. Now all we have & all that we serve is something that we wanted to do couple of years ago. We wanted, but we realized it was a bit too early at that particular time.

So, from the beginning of this month (January), all you'll be able to get in our Kombucha Cafe, foodwise, will be a Ferment Dégustation Plate, like the one on the picture above.

This tasting plate will include four of our ferments, picked by you & those ferments will come with some other things like avocado, hummus or tempeh, greens, some sourdough bread, etc.

The other thing available would be of course Kombucha. That will be in the form of Kombucha Flights or by the glass.

This was the final step to fully define us what we really are: Bärbucha - Kombucha Café & Fermenterei. Kombucha Café with a selection of around 18 different types of high quality Kombucha. All served in glass or by the bottle. Sorry, but no "on tap" booch here.

Fermenterei or Fermentery (a made up word) which is similar in formation to German "Brauerei" or Brewery. So if there is a Brewery, then we are a Ferment +ery. A place where things get fermented.

We will also strive to keep the reputation up, as seen on the pic below ("best Kombucha in town").

But that should not be that difficult, as quality is always the priority in all we do.

Here, you can see one of our Dégustation Plates, as well as the Kombucha Flight. For the flights to look like we want them to, we are waiting for the proper "hardware" or "woodware". That we should have at the end of January. Once we do, all of our Kombucha will be available in the form of Flights.

Next, in the works for this new year, are Fermentation Jars that we'll be selling in our place. More details on that soon.

Then, since we have the new labels on the core of our Lacto-ferments, we will look into making them available through our online store.

We will also offer more Fermentation & Kombucha Workshops & we will re-design our Kombucha Set & we'll offer few more items for those who like to make Kombucha at home.

We have also redesigned our Kombucha labels & our booch line up will change a bit.

So, that's enough to start this year with. We're looking forward to all the changes & updates.

Here's a nostalgic compilation of some of our beautiful, delicious & healthy salads of 2018.

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