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Apple Vinegar - Bärbucha Fermenterei

Aktualisiert: 15. Dez. 2022

Our second vinegar of this (2021) year - the already very popular Apple Vinegar.

This is actually the second year in a row that we have made it.

Last year we had two different types of Vinegar: Apple Vinegar, and Pear Vinegar.

Both were delicious, and both sold out very fast.

This year we made sure we have a little bit more of the Apple Vinegar, as we could not find a good source for the pears.

We were lucky to find some wild growing apple trees and we also got hold of very delicious Red Crab Apples.

So we made two different types of Apple Vinegar.

One Red colored Vinegar using those Crab Apples and a "regular" Apple Vinegar that went into our oak wood barrel.

Vinegar making is actually quite easy. Three ingredients - in this case apples, good water and sugar + sufficient time.

Our apples were naturally Organic (BIO), and so was the sugar. As far as water goes, we have a good filtration system, so our water is quite good.

The key to a good vinegar is the right proportions, and also the sufficient amount of sugar.

The whole fermentation process is a two step process.

In the first step, natural yeasts that are present on the apples convert the sugars into ethanol.

In step two, ethanol is oxidized into acetic acid. And that is done by Acetobacter and Gluconobacter bacteria.

So, first we get all the ingredients ready and we set them up in the fermenters (multiple glass jars and our 50L oak barrel). Next, comes the occasional stirring, and after about a month, we strain the apples and we keep the liquid which smells and tastes like a nice alcoholic cider.

Below are the Crab Apples after a month, being strained.

The rest of the apples that were in the barrel developed a visible apple vinegar mother (vinegar Scoby).

Those we also strained and we got the liquid ready for step 2.

The future "Red Vinegar" returned to our 13L glass fermenters. Below is just one of them, being "kissed" by morning sun rays.

From this point, part two of the Vinegar journey begins. It will take at least one month to complete.

But it's all worth waiting.

It is the beginning of December, and both of our vinegars are finally ready.

The "regular" one, went into the darker bottles.

And the "red vinegar" went into our clear bottles. Just to avoid confusion.

Both of those vinegars are also available in 1L bottles.

And here they are, ready for pick up!

Our raw and unfiltered Apple Vinegar is a lot milder that most of the commercially made Apple Vinegars, and in our vinegar you can actually still taste the apples.

2022 Update:

This year, we only have the regular Apple Vinegar, as those red Crab Apples fruit only every second year.

Ingredients: Raw and Unfiltered Apple Vinegar

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