Elderflower Vinegar - Bärbucha Fermenterei

This is our first vinegar of this (2021) year, with more to come. Right at this moment our famous Apple Vinegar is also in the works & will be available in a few months. Then we also have plans for Honey Vinegar, but I will write a separate post about it.

Now let's go back to our Elderflower Vinegar, or Holunderblüten Essig, as that's the name in German.

Every year in late May or early June we make Elderflower Jun as a special. It is always very popular among our customers. This year we ended up with picking quite a lot of Elderflowers, so we thought we could give it a try at making a vinegar out of it.

Normally vinegars are sugar based. That usually stems from the cost factor - sugar is way cheaper that honey. Another factor is the fact that sugar based vinegar has a sharper taste & the one made with honey is milder. Nevertheless honey based vinegars are still produced till today, although they are more difficult to come by.

Our vinegar started almost exactly the same way as our Elderflower Jun, but we have significantly increased the amount of honey.

So here, we have filtered water, raw honey & Elderflowers at the initial point of fermentation.

After few days the essence of Elderflowers & their pollen comes out into the honey-water mixture.

At this stage, we strained the flowers & we let the liquid ferment in order to develop high alcohol level. Next we added a bit of our Jun to help transform this alcohol into organic acids, but specifically into acetic acid.

That was quite a lengthy process that took over two months.

During that time a Vinegar Mother built up & the liquid cleared up.

It was the beginning of September & it was a sign that our vinegar is finally ready.

Now it's in our 250 ml bottles & it is available for pick up in our Café or it can be purchased through our online Store

Elderflower Vinegar combines all the benefits of Elderflowers & of raw honey, as none of those ingredients were ever thermally treated. It is also unfiltered & it is similar to Apple Vinegar, except that it is very delicate, flowery & delicious.

So if you're interested in trying it, don't wait too long.

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