Fermented Soda - Rhubarb starts the season!

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This is the second year of our Fermented Soda. As season change, we also change the main ingredient of our Fermented Soda. One of the first available items that we use is Rhubarb.

(German name for a soda is Brause. So here we have Rhabarber Brause.)

Rhubarb is quite suitable for this job. That is why it is also used in many other items like Rhubarb pies or Rhubarb compote.

And there's a specific reason for that. Rhubarb is quite sour, so with the edition of sugar, it creates a very delicious & refreshing combination of sweet & sour. And that is also what we are looking for when we make soda, later in season, out of fruits. Sour fruits make the best soda. Sweet fruits do not work that well, unfortunately.

So here is our Rhubarb, cleaned & washed.

We cut it up into smaller pieces.

Next, our Rhubarb goes into pots with filtered & revitalized water. Then comes the sugar. We use unrefined Organic sugar.

Once the sugar is in, we bring he the whole mixture to boil.

Once the mixture cools off, we strain it.

Then, we mix in the Fermented Whey.

Once everything is mixed in, it's bottling time.

When all the soda is bottled, we leave it for about 24 hours in room temperature to kick start the fermentation.

Next, our soda goes into fridge for couple of days & then it's time to enjoy!

Ingredients: Filtered & Revitalized Water, Rhubarb, Unrefined Sugar & Fermented Whey.

An update!

Although Rhubarb starts the season, the soda saga continues throughout the year with other delicious & seasonal fruits. When we can pick some juice cherries in June, we make Cherry Soda

After that we definitely have one made with raspberries:

That one is definitely a big hit!

Next comes the apple season:

With those heirloom varieties we create magic! A delicious soda that tastes a lot like apple cider.

And a Winter Edition - Vanilla Soda aka Cream Soda. Delicious & addicting, made with real vanilla extract. Tastes like Vanilla Ice Cream with bubbles!

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