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Fermentierte Brause - Fermented Soda - Bärbucha Fermenterei.

Aktualisiert: 10. Dez. 2023

This is yet another fermented drink in our collection, the very popular Fermented Soda.

As seasons change, we also change the main ingredient of our Soda.

Spring brings us freshness and tartness of Rhubarb.

(German name for a soda is Brause. So here, we have Rhabarber Brause.)

Fermented Soda - Bärbucha Fermenterei
Fermented Soda - Bärbucha Fermenterei

Rhubarb is quite suitable for this job. That is why it is also used in many other things like Rhubarb pies, or Rhubarb compote.

Rhubarb is great, as it is quite sour, so with the edition of sugar, it creates a very delicious and refreshing combination of sweet and sour.

And that is also what we are looking for when we make soda.

The same goes for other fruits. Sour fruits make the best soda. Sweet fruits do not work that well, unfortunately.

So here is our Rhubarb, cleaned and washed.

We cut it up into smaller pieces.

Next, our Rhubarb goes into pots with filtered and revitalized water. Then comes unrefined Organic sugar.

Once the sugar is in, we bring the the whole mixture to boil.

Once the mixture cools off, we strain it.

Then, we mix in some of our unflavored Water Kefir to kick start the fermentation process.

Once everything is mixed in, it's bottling time.

When all the soda is bottled, we leave it for about 24 hours in room temperature to start the fermentation process.

Next, our soda goes into fridge for couple of days and then it's time to enjoy!

Here's the label.

Ingredients: Filtered and Revitalized Water, Rhubarb, Unrefined Sugar and Water Kefir Starter.


An Update!

Although Rhubarb starts the season, the soda saga continues throughout the year with other delicious and seasonal fruits.

So, the Rhubarb Soda is usually followed by the Raspberry (Himbere) one.

Raspberry Soda (Himbeere Brause) is definitely a big hit!

Next comes the apple season:

With those heirloom varieties we create a magic! A delicious soda that tastes a lot like apple cider.

After Apple, we usually have Elderberry Soda, which sometimes carries us all the way to Rhubarb.

Sometimes, an extra special Soda comes our way, like this incredibly scented Quince one, made with very ripe and beautiful Quinces.

Occasionally, we throw in something different in between.

Some of those notable Sodas from the past are:

Vanilla Soda aka Cream Soda.

A Bitter Lemon Soda:

Cherry Soda:

Or even the Goldenrod Flower Soda.

Regardless the flavor, our Fermented Sodas are loved by kids as well as many adults.

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