Kefir Cheese - Bärbucha Fermenterei

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A product that we truly enjoy a lot, cheese made out of our Kefir. In looks it reminds of fresh cheese, or cottage cheese but it is a lot lighter & much easier on the digestive system. The reason for that is the following: all the lactose is gone & milk has been transformed into another substance. Someone has compared the fermentation process to digestion, but in this case the bacteria do the digestion for us, so our own digestive track has a lot less work to break it down.

But these are not the only reasons why we make it. It is also very delicious.

We use full fat (3.8 %) BIO milk to make our Kefir. Out of that Kefir, we make this cheese daily, but we don't make a lot of it, so it might happen that we can be out of it sometimes. The best way for you to reserve a jar or two, is to call us a day or two & we will make sure to save some for you.

Our Kefir goes into a cheese bag for overnight straining.

And the next day, we end up with the milk solids.

To that, we add Himalaya salt & a bit of the Kefir (for creamier consistency). Himalaya salt is one of our favorite salts & it is the only salt that we use for cooking.

After mixing, our Kefir Cheese is ready for retail jars.

This cheese ferments further in those jars, inside the fridge, so it is recommended to consume it within couple of days. It will not go bad, but it will become a bit more sour & more yeasty in flavor. Some of our customers like it like that even more than when it's fresh.

Another sign of further fermentation will be that the cheese will increase in volume & it'll be trying to "escape" from the jar. This is also normal & it's recommended to release the pressure from the jar by quickly opening it.

Here's the label:

We love this cheese & use it like a regular fresh or white cheese.

Or sometimes we use it in a stuffing, like in the case of these Potato-Cheese stuffed Pierogis.


Milk Kefir from 3,8% Milk, Himalaya Salt

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