Red Cabbage Pickled in Kombucha Vinegar

Aktualisiert: Sept 7

Red Cabbage (Rotkohl) is one of our staples that we've been making from the very beginning. The reason for this one is simple: when you make Kombucha, you will always end up with Kombucha vinegar. And when you have too much Kombucha vinegar, you should get creative with it.

And so did we!

This particular pickle/ferment is pretty simple - we start with these:

First we clean & cut the cabbage. Next we use a food processor to slice it really thin...

Next, we add in the unrefined Atlantic sea salt...

And now it's time for our Kombucha vinegar:

Next comes pureed onions & garlic, with some juices from previous Red Cabbage fermentation.

Now, it's time for mixing & for pounding:

Here's some of the action from our YouTube channel:

When the juices come out, it's time to load our fermenters:

After the lids go on top, it will take about 3 months for our cabbage to be ready.

And, when it's ready, it's jar time again:

Our Pickled Red Cabbage looks absolutely delicious & it stays quite crispy for a long time. Crispiness is preserved by the tannins present in Kombucha Vinegar. And those obviously come from tea & they are not available in any other from of vinegar. Also Kombucha Vinegar is, apart from Apple Cider Vinegar, the only other "live" vinegar.

Here's a close up of the retail jar & of the label:

Making a pickle/ferment out of red cabbage provides also a lot of health benefits. To give just one example, you can check this out from Organic Facts (1*)

Or from Dr. Axe:

You can enjoy our Pickled Red Cabbage as a side to almost any dinner or in a mixed salad, like this delicious salad with Basmati Rice, Green Chickpeas, Tomatoes & Grilled Zucchini

Or in one of our recent ones with Mung Sprouts, Buckwheat & Grilled Sourdough Bread:

Ingredients: Red Cabbage, Kombucha Vinegar, Onions, Unrefined Atlantic Salt & Garlic




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