Fermented Mustard - Bärbucha Fermenterei

Aktualisiert: Sept 7

When having fermented Ketchup was not enough, the time came for Fermented Mustard.

As a matter of fact, we were making this mustard for over two years already, as we were using it from time to time on our sandwiches. It is just recently though that we started offering it also for retail. Two main reasons for this creation were: it is FERMENTED & it is made with our live Kombucha Vinegar.

Mustard is also very healthy on it's own as it provides fiber, protein, few vitamins (like vitamin C & many of the B-complex vitamins), plus a range of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium & calcium.

Organic Facts (1*) also lists those additional benefits:

We make it, love it & we sell it in our Kombucha Café !

And here is how we make it.

It's actually a very simple process. So, we start with these main ingredients: yellow mustard seeds, our Kombucha vinegar, salt, turmeric, garlic & onion.

First, we make a pureed mixture of onions, garlic & Kombucha vinegar.

Then we add it to our mustard seeds.

Next come unrefined Atlantic sea salt & turmeric.

And we mix it up.

And the lid goes on. Now it's time for some microbe activities. But only the good ones!

Within a day, mustard seeds swell up & take over the entire jar space.

After about a month or so (depending on the temperature) it's time to process our seeds into the yummy mustard.

For that we have to use some heavy machinery, as pictured below.

At this time we puree the seeds roughly with an additional Kombucha vinegar & we adjust the salt, if necessary.

Then, it's filling time.

And now our mustard is ready for retail.

A suggested way to use it: we thoroughly enjoy this mustard with Tempeh, Fermented Ketchup & Raw Milk Ementhaler on Sourdough spelt bread, as a part of our breakfast.

And the label:

Ingredients: Yellow Mustard Seeds, Kombucha Vinegar, Unrefined Salt, Turmeric, Onions & Garlic