Fermentation Set by Bärbucha / English

Aktualisiert: Aug 4

This is our second Set that we put together.

The first one is our Kombucha Set which is available with instructions in two languages: German & English.

Our Fermentation Set includes the following:

- a 3 Liter or 5 Liter glass jar with equipped with an airlock

- natural stones to use as weights (cleaned & disinfected)

- 1kg of unrefined Atlantic salt

- a wooden Sauerkraut Stomper

- Sauerkraut pictorial booklet

In this blog we will try to convince you to go ahead & pick our Set, instead of picking one of the few other ones currently available through some online retailers.

For that reason we have checked all the available sets on the market.

Three of the retailers that offer Fermentation Sets offer almost exactly the same Set.

It is a modified variation of the so called Masontops Complete Fermentation Kit for Vegetables which can be checked here

One of the first things that we have noticed is the size of the main fermentation jars. In those sets the included jars are no bigger than 1 liter (in sets with one jar) or even 0.5 liter (in those sets usually two jars are included).

These jars use the silicon cover that we have already discussed in our "The Best Fermentation Jar" blog entry.

There's also one bigger set that is available online. It is a 3 Liter (one jar) Kilner Fermentation Set. That particular jar we have also compared in the above mentioned blog entry.

Our Set contains one bigger jar & you can choose between a set with a 3 liter jar & one with a 5 liter jar. We've been using those jars extensively & we have wrote a blog entry about them which you can find here: German & English.

Our Set comes with a booklet in German (if you would like to get the booklet in English, please let us know & we will e-mail one to you in PDF format).

In the booklet you will find a recipe for Sauerkraut. The recipe has step-by-step pictures to help you with your first ferment. You can use this recipe as a blue print for various Sauerkraut variations & also for other lacto-fermented vegetables.

If you need some inspiration, you can check out our other blog entries that are related to all the ferments that we produce. All of them can be made with this Set.

With the Set you will get a wooden Sauerkraut Stomper.

It is a time proven, useful tool to help extract the juices out of cabbage or other vegetables.

We also use a Stomper to bruise our vegetables, but since we make a lot bigger batches (that you would at home), ours is a lot bigger.

You could obviously use your hands to squeeze the salted vegetables, but this particular tool saves a lot of time & energy.

As far as other sets that are available on the market, they also offer something similar.

Similar as the thick "Stomper" seems to have one function only: to push the vegetables into those small fermentation jars. If you tried to use it the way we do, the shape of that Stomper is not practical & it would be difficult to pound the vegetables with it for five to ten minutes.

To help you keep your vegetables under the brine, you will find natural stones included in the Set. Those we also use extensively & we have also written a blog entry about them.

This blog entry is available in two languages: German & English.

Other set usually offer glass weights that fit those small fermentation jars.

Next item that comes with the Set is the unrefined Atlantic salt.

Salt is very important in vegetable lacto-fermentation as it creates a special environment in which the Lactobacillus bacteria can survive & multiply.

You will get a 1kg package of this salt, which will be enough for your next few ferments.

This particular salt is exactly the same salt that we use in all of our ferments & this salt is also available in stores like BIO Company & through online retailers.

To find out more about this sea salt & which other types of salt you can use in fermentation, please click here

So these are all the items that are included in our Set.

So now that you already know what's in our Set, let's take a look at some current prices.