Fermented Whey

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Fermented Whey - is a by product of our small Kefir Cheese production, but do not be fooled by the "by product" description, as it is a mighty star on its own.

It all started when withe the Milk Kefir.

Then some of the the Milk Kefir we "turn" into Kefir Cheese & we end up with the whey.

As you can see in the above pic, the milk solids stay inside Hemp cheese & the precious liquid drips down into the pot below. That is an overnight process & the next morning, we fill our retail jars with it.

Whey is quite famous for its health properties. First, it is full of proteins & is used by body builders in the form of a Whey Protein Powder. Since our Whey comes from fermented milk, almost all the lactose is gone & it contains very low levels of fat.

There have been numerous studies done on the health properties of Whey & to quote some of the findings, we'll start with a research from International Dairy Journal, published in Medical News Today which states that daily consumption "significantly reduce elevated blood pressure, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease" (1*)

Other studies show possible anticancer properties of Whey Proteins, like the one published on PubMed (2*) or even improvement with atopic asthma among children - also on PubMed (3*).

There's also an interesting study coming from Taiwan describing the skin care properties of whey, including the skin lightning effect & acne treatment (4*).

But even if you skip all that, whey is also very delicious & very refreshing. You can drink it straight the way it is. You can also topically on your skin to improve the complexion, especially if you have any skin problems.

There are also other uses this this valuable liquid - you can use it to ferment your vegetables. in this case it becomes a starter liquid for your veggie fermentation. Other ways to utilize it would be the ones mentioned on Cultures for Health website (5*)

"- Soak grain in acid whey for making breads.

- Feed acid whey to animals. They may like sweet whey better, than acid whey. Whichever kind you feed them, be careful, because it can upset their digestion if they consume too much.

- Use whey on the skin and hair. Some people claim that whey has excellent toning qualities for the skin and hair. Try some on a cotton ball and apply to your face as a toning agent or add a few cups to bathwater."

There's still another way, that we use it. Whey ends up being our fermentation starter in our delicious & famous Fermented Soda.

To find out more about our Fermented Soda, click here: Fermented Soda

After reading all that you would say no way! But Whey!

You can make your own, or you can also pick up a jar or two in our Kombucha Café

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Disclaimer: All medical information in this post is merely information & not advise. If you need medical advice, please consult your doctor or other appropriate medical professional.