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Water Kefir Set by Bärbucha / English

Aktualisiert: 11. Okt. 2023

Our fourth Set will help you master Water Kefir production at home.

Water Kefir Set by Bärbucha Fermenterei
Water Kefir Set by Bärbucha Fermenterei

Three other popular Sets made by Bärbucha are the following:

Our Water Kefir Set consists of the following:

1 X 2650 ml glass jar + lid

3 X 350 ml glass bottles + caps

1 X Water Kefir cultures (30 gr) - enough to make 1 liter of Kefir

1 X sugar (75 gr)

1 X dried fruits (fig & raisins)

2 X jersey cloth + rubber band

1 X wooden spoon

1 X plastic strainer

1 X plastic funnel

1 X step-by-step instructional pictorial

This Set will allow you to make one liter of Water Kefir at home.

We have been making and selling Water Kefir at our Café Bärbucha for many years continuously, so we have a very extensive experience with its production, possible problems, and obviously the right solutions.

Our production does not differ that much from what you would do at home, except for the volume.

To find out more about our Water Kefir, please click here

In the same way as we have previously compared other sets with ours, we will do a quick comparison of currently available Water Kefir Sets, with our Water Kefir Set.

One place offers the following: almost a 1 liter glass jar + lid + fermentation lid, cultures (30 gr), sugar & figs, a plastic strainer & the instructional booklet. All for the price of 49.90 Euros.

Another place offers the same size glass as we (2650 ml) + lid, 3 glass bottles (each 0.75 liter), plastic spoon + strainer + funnel, figs (250 gr), sugar (500 gr), a booklet and 60 gr of Water Kefir cultures. So that's enough for 2 liters of Kefir. The price is also 49 Euro.

Both of those sets are certified BIO.

A third place offers 40 gr of WK cultures, 4 plastic strainers, a thermometer, a recipe, 0.5 kg of sugar & a fermentation airlock. All for 32 Euros, but no glass here.

Plus, you can always find some offers on eBay. Just keep in mind that even though you can find something cheaper, you will usually not get any further support from people selling stuff on eBay.

Now let's compare that to our Set.

In the big fermentation jar you"ll be able to make up to 2.5 liter of Water Kefir (when you finally have enough Kefir grains).

When you make your Water Kefir for the first time, you have 3 glass bottles to transfer it into for further seasoning and carbonation.

30 gr of cultures are just enough for 1 liter of Water Kefir. But don't worry, soon you will have more than you will need, as they usually double in amount within a week (that is if everything goes correctly with the fermentation process).

Although our cultures are not BIO certified, they are of BIO quality, as both the sugar and the dried fruits that we use (and that are included in this Set) are BIO.

Why? It's quite simple.

If you use standard (non BIO) sugar or non BIO dried fruits, you will run into the danger of exposing your cultures to harmful chemicals and pesticides. That, in consequence, can have an effect on their health and their performance.

Both, sugar and the dried fruits that come with your Set, are just enough for your first batch.

For your next batches, please visit a local BIO store to get more supplies.

The jersey cloth that you will use during the fermentation process will allow enough air circulation for proper fermentation, and it will also prevent any insects from getting into the jar.

Just use one of them. The second one is a replacement, in case the first one becomes dirty.

The wooden spoon will help you with straining the grains through the provided plastic strainer.

As much as we do not like using any plastics, we had no choice, as it is recommended to avoid any metal utensils when dealing with Water Kefir cultures.

Plastic funnel will help you transfer the ready Kefir into the glass bottles that come with this Set.

And finally, our step-by-step instructional pictorial will help you with the whole process of Kefir making, plus it will provide you with additional tips.

Water Kefir Instructions Booklet

If you still might have additional questions, you can always join our Facebook group called Fermented Life to get more answers.

The group's main language is English, but you can still ask questions in German.

And now, the price!

So in the comparison we had one set for 49.90 Euro, another one for 54 Euro and the third one (with no glass container) for 32 Euro.

We have priced our Set reasonably, at 47 Euros!

We hope this information was useful and it helped you pick our Set for your home making projects.

Remember, if you don't want to buy the whole set, you can always buy Water Kefir grains and other supplies separately at our place, if you live in Berlin or through our online store


2023 update!

The prices listed in the above blog relate to the year when this post was published (2021).

Due to the rising prices of glass products, we had to raise the prices of our sets.

For current prices, please check our online shop!


Water Kefir Set by Bärbucha Fermenterei

To purchase our Water Kefir Set, please click below.


For those who have never tasted Water Kefir, but would want to know how it should taste like, we have put together a second Set called Water Kefir Set Plus.

This Set comes with two bottles of Water Kefir: Raspberry and Ginger. Both are easy to make and both can serve as an inspiration for your first batches.

To purchase our Water Kefir Set Plus, click on the button below:

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