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Milk Kefir Set by Bärbucha / English

Aktualisiert: 11. Okt. 2023

Our third set, in addition to our Kombucha Set and the very popular Fermentation Set, will enable you to make a delicious and nutritious Milk Kefir.

And with time, also an equally delicious Kefir "Cheese".

Milk Kefir Set by Bärbucha Fermenterei
Milk Kefir Set by Bärbucha Fermenterei

We have an extensive practical experience with Milk Kefir making, as we've been producing it continuously for the past 5 years.

The same goes for our delicious (and quite famous) Cheese made out of Kefir.

Our production process does not differ that much from what you would be doing at home.

We just make more of it. This experience translates into putting together this Set.

Our Kefir Set consists of the following:

1 X 2650 ml glass jar + matching lid

3 X 330 ml glass jars with lids

2 X jersey cloth + rubber band

1 X wooden spoon

1 X plastic strainer

1 X Milk Kefir grains (15 gr) - enough to make at least 0.5 liter of Milk Kefir

1 X How-to-make Pictorial with step-by-step instructions and additional tips

As usual, we have compared other Sets available on the market, so that it makes it a bit easier for you to pick the right Set. Hopefully it'll be the one we offer .

One of those sets offers a 1 liter jar + lid, a fermentation lid, an instructional manual, kefir grains and a plastic strainer.

Another place offers a 1 liter jar, two 0.5 liter bottles, a plastic spoon, Kefir grains, plastic strainer and a plastic funnel. They also include a booklet about Milk Kefir, as well as Water Kefir, Kombucha and other ferments.

Both of these sets are certified BIO.

Still another Set consists of 1 liter glass jar, a lid, a thermometer, 4 plastic strainers and 10 gr of grains.

You can always find some offers on eBay. Just keep in mind that even though you can find something cheaper, you will not get any further support from people that offer stuff on eBay.

So price-wise, we have he first two sets with the same cost 49.90 of Euros, the third one is available for 32 Euros.

Now, let's take a look at our Set.

First, we offer the biggest fermentation jar out there.

Sure, at the beginning it might seem to be too big, especially when you start with only 0.5 liter of milk. But our jar gives you room to grow.

If you decide to make 1 liter of Kefir (like on the pic below) or even two, you will have no problem.

This will come even more handy, if you decide to make cheese out of your Kefir.

Have in mind that you need to get a cheese bag first, to start your Kefir cheese making.

If you do, than also remember that 1 liter of milk will only give you about 200 gr of cheese, as seen on the picture below.

When you do decide on making cheese out of your Kefir, you will actually end up with two delicious and healthy products. Cheese and fermented whey.

We have separate blog entries describing both of them (click here for cheese and here for whey)

You can also use your big glass jar for other fermentation projects, like Kombucha or Water Kefir.

Now, when your Milk Kefir is ready, you have 3 handy small glass jars to transfer it into.

Between 3 of them, they hold up to 1 liter of Kefir.

The jersey cloth that you will use during the fermentation process will allow enough air circulation for proper fermentation, and it will also prevent any insects from getting into the jar.

Just use one of them. The second one is a replacement, in case the first one becomes dirty.

The wooden spoon will help you with straining the grains through the provided plastic strainer.

As much as we do not like using any plastics, we had no choice, as it is recommended to avoid any metal utensils when dealing with Milk Kefir cultures.

Speaking about the cultures. We have included 15 gr of them.

That is more than the other sets are offering (which is usually10 gr).

15 gr will give you better results with 0.5 liter of milk. You will also be able to ferment up to 1 liter of milk, but it will take a bit longer to do that.

With time, when the Kefir cultures grow, you will have enough to do 1 liter and more.

Although our cultures are not Organic (BIO) certified, they are in BIO quality, as we only use full fat, non homogenized BIO milk in our Milk Kefir production.

BIO milk of highest quality is what we recommend for using with our cultures. Standard milk can contain pesticides which could harm the cultures. And that is something that you should definitely avoid.

Other great alternatives are Buffalo or even Goat milk, if you have access to them.

And finally, our step-by-step pictorial with all the instructions that you might need.

Milk Kefir instructions - Bärbucha Fermenterei

If you still might have additional questions, you can always join our Facebook group called Fermented Life to get more answers.

The group's main language is English, but you can still ask questions in German.

And now, the price!

So we had two sets at the same price of 49 Euro & 32 Euro for the third one.

We have priced our Set reasonably, at 47 Euros!.

We hope this information was useful and it helped you pick our Set for your home making projects.

Remember, if you don't want to buy the whole set, you can always buy Milk Kefir grains and other supplies separately at our place, if you live in Berlin or through our online store


2023 update!

The prices listed in the above blog relate to the year when this post was published (2021).

Due to the rising prices of glass products, we had to raise the prices of our sets.

For current prices, please check our online shop!


To purchase our Milk Kefir Set, please click below.

Milk Kefir Set by Bärbucha Fermenterei


If you are interested in making Water Kefir, instead of Milk Kefir, please click below:

Water Kefir Set by Bärbucha Fermenterei

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